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We're Diversifying MedTech

Our Mission

We believe that diverse leadership in Medtech leads to greater innovation and better outcomes.

How It Started

In the fall of 2017, fifteen African-American leaders from the Medical Device industry met over dinner in San Jose, California. They had explored three topics of interest to drive greater diversity in medtech. First, they shared their stories of navigating the complexities of the industry as an ethnic minority. Second, they explored what might be done to support and empower diverse patients and leaders in medtech. Third, the group, made up of venture capitalists, large company executives, early-stage company CEOs, and top-tier service providers, mapped out a strategic plan for an organization that became MedTech Color.

Our Philosophy

We're working hard to build the world’s largest network of Black and Hispanic Medtech leaders. Our collaborations aim to increase the number of these leaders, who enter and stay in Medtech. One of our key goals is to add tangible value to the Medtech ecosystem via inclusive thought-leadership.

Our Strategic Initiatives

Increase representation and participation of Black and Hispanic individuals in clinical trials and medical device development through training, recruitment and retention, and strategic collaborations. Foster 100 new Black and Hispanic CEOs via our Pitch Competition and Professional Opportunities partnerships. Building a community of sponsors, mentors and champions to increase the number of leaders of color in Medtech.

What's Next for MedTech Color

Continuing to support MedTech Color Members. Our 4th Annual Pitch Competition. Our 7th Annual Networking Breakfast in 2024. Efforts to make our FDA-backed Collaborative Community a hub to create a clinical trial information repository and deliver webinar series that address the ethnic disparities in the industry.


To build the world’s largest network of Black and Hispanic Medtech leaders.

To increase the number of these leaders who enter and stay in Medtech.

To add tangible value to the Medtech ecosystem via inclusive thought-leadership.


MedTech Color offers an opportunity for leaders of color in Medtech to connect, engage, and thrive in our industry’s continuous need for diverse individuals to be involved in the design of medical innovations. We focus on coming together to explore ways of advancing representation and amplifying the experiences of people of color in our industry.

Your contribution makes a difference.

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MedTech Color has convened this Collaborative Community to serve as a forum where medtech professionals and other stakeholders can address minority health issues in medical device product development and clinical research.

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Stay informed and please share our updates with your network. When you actively participate in MTC events, you're part of the positive changes that we're aiming to make in the the industry. Our goal is to increase the representation of leaders of color in Medtech. 

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