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MTC Collaborative Community

MedTech Color has convened this Collaborative Community to serve as a forum where Medtech professionals and other stakeholders can address minority health issues in medical device product development and clinical research.

April Meetings

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Comprehensive guides about clinical research for patients and healthcare professionals.

"MedTech Color INcreasing the Number of DiverSe Principal Investigators (PIs) in Medical Device REsearch (INSPIRE)"

Our Volunteer Members Are Working 4 Workstreams

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In a Meeting

Our Focus

We develop strategies, resources, best practices, and thought leadership to increase awareness and mitigate the impacts of unconscious bias, social determinants of health, and lack of inclusion or consideration of racial and ethnic minorities in critical aspects of the product development lifecycle.

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The Collaborative Community is open to all who are working in the Medtech industry or other Healthcare fields who wish to join, including representatives from the FDA and other government entities, industry and academic organizations, investors and VC firms, patient groups, payers and healthcare organizations, professional organizations, the media, and sponsors of MedTech Color and the Collaborative Community. Participants are expected to attend virtual meetings and provide input on matters discussed.


“Collaboration is at the core of diversity, equity and inclusion. I joined the community to learn and appreciate wider perspectives on these items essential for our growth.” 

Anil Shanker

Upcoming Collaborative Events

  • MedTech Color's 7th Annual Networking Breakfast
    MedTech Color's 7th Annual Networking Breakfast
    Tue, Oct 15
    Oct 15, 2024, 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM
    Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada
    Driving our core pillar of building a strong, diverse network of mentors and sponsors, who champion thought leadership and innovative clinical advancement.
Team Meeting

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